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Key Features

What makes Us unique

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Fully Autonomous

Fully autonomous fixed wing drone capable of flight times of 15 hours or more and operation beyond line of sight (BLOS) deployed with the best navigational, sensoring and secure data transferring technology.

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Custom outfitting for extreme range (up to 40 hours), customer-specified sensor packages (LIDAR, thermal, optical, Infra Red) or buildout of integrated operations trailers/vehicles are available at customer request and priced separately. Spares kits and training are also priced upon request. We can train your crew locally here in Houston or at your base of operations if that’s more convenient.

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15+ hour flight duration
18,000 foot ceiling
300+ mile range
Dash speed of 80 knots
5 to 20 lbs payload for sensors
Up to 600 watts power for payloads
9 foot wing span
Catapult launch, net capture
Ground Control Station for BLOS

Our Commitment

Cnerg21 is committed to providing our clients the latest in UAV services along with an array of Integrated Manned Aircraft Monitoring Services.

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An Integrated Communications platform & Secure Data Delivery enables our Clients to carry out the decision making process effectively increasing productivity, reducing operating costs, and increasing safety for workers with out compromising current regulation.

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Multi-Rotor Drones


Fixed-Wing Drones and Manned Aircraft

Our Services

The Best in Aeronautical Navigational Systems along With the Best in Sensoring Technology and combined with Encrypted Data results in the Best Deliverable.

Engineering and Construction

Hazardous Sites Detection
Preliminary Design
Building Inspections
Volume Calculations
Construction Progress
Bridge and Rail Inspections
Inaccessible Areas Topographic Survey
3D Point Clouds
Orthomosaic Images

Monitoring & Analiticals

Stockpile Inventory Thermal Imaging Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Topographic Maps
Geospatial Data Extraction
IR NIR Spectrometer
Leak - Spill Detection

Agriculture, Forestry & Mining

Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Analysis of Biodiversity Digital Elevation Model (DEM) 3D Terrain Modeling Geospatial Data Extraction Georeferenced Orthophotos Invasive Species Detection
Gravity Surveys

Critical Mission & Reconnaissance

Decommissioning Oil and Gas Rigs
Aerial Monitoring
Inspection and Surveillance
Thermal Imaging
Surveying marine fauna
Assessing detection probability
Green House Gas (gHg) detection
SST-Sea Surface Temperature Monitoring
Regulation Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

What Our Customers Require

Our Contacts

If you require more information on our services feel free to send us a message - for a faster response please email Us.
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